3. Design Process

3. Design Process

Captains Log 108

"I had a major creative block this week.  I knew the styles I wanted, the basic silhouettes, but couldn't see what would make them ours.... Every time I tried to put pencil to paper, nothing.  So what does a girl do who is living a conscious life?  she goes and gets Reiki.  Low and behold my sacral chakra - creative center - is blocked.  As the Reiki practitioner unblocks it I am flooded with design ideas right in the middle of our session.  

I put pen to paper and I just can't stop.  I am so excited about what was flowing out and cannot wait to get them in work and make them come to life with our partners over seas.

Materials are on their way to us, being shipped as we speak, in my mind they are the best cruelty free options we can find from across the globe and will align in aesthetic to what we are all about.  

Things are happening over here.  It's been an exciting journey so far.  

Complete with silly humor, Kristen Wiig impressions and lots and lots of Vegan Food from Vital Root"

Marnie Quinn

2. Why I joined TheOne08

2. Why I joined TheOne08

Marnie Quinn

I don't remember a time in my life where style was not present. Even in my yoga clothes I am making a statement. Some days that statement is "IDGAF", but other days I'm in full peacock mode. For me this has never been about anyone else other than me. I am a person who loves self expression, loves adornment and has always wanted to bring this to fruition for others.

With that sort of passion one would naturally dash off to New York and work in Fashion. Which is exactly what I did. And I loved it. Until I didn't. Sometimes when you see the sausage being made you no longer have a craving for sausage. (PS I'm a lifelong vegetarian, who has cheated on occasion.... and yes with sausage).  

I am not a quiet country mouse, even though I grew up in Broomfield, Colorado. I have a voice and I use it. And I was using it at every company I worked at. But you quickly realize companies who are purely driven by the bottom line integrity, quality, authenticity fall to the wayside. There are always individuals within the system that care but it's hard to get a giant ocean liner to turn. Boy did I try though.

So exhausted and over it, I left without looking back. And began a life that aligned fully to my values. I opened a healing center in Westminster, Colorado. I got back to nature and my natural self. I used my voice to help others.

And then one day I intersected with others who shared my integrity, my passion, my desire to do good, help others and create change. And we decided to come together and create a brand that would revolutionize how things are made, where they are made, and what they are made of. A brand that would help everyone who came into contact with it. A brand that married Style and Good. 

This is TheOne08. 

I am so grateful to be a founding member and the product designer of our line.

Marnie Quinn

1. The formation of TheOne08

1. The formation of TheOne08

The Tale of TheOne08

The tale of TheOne08 is a story grounded in love: my love for my children; my love for wildlife; my love for nature; my love for people; my love for travel; and my love for photography. But most of all, it comes from my love of and commitment to making a difference in the world.

Big Beginnings

Like many, I spent a lion’s share of my adult life working within large corporations.  These experiences forged skills that propelled me to much success, and they were pivotal in shaping the person I am today.  I feel a huge amount of gratitude to the people I met along the way who helped me grow and develop as a person and I thank them. However, I never truly felt fulfilled during my corporate career, and it left me seeking a path to doing MORE. 

Ultimately, I turned to non-profit work centered around children, education and conservation and with this, I knew I had found my life’s work. 

Life-Changing Events

During this time I was also lucky enough to travel to Africa several times, each time immersing myself in the land, culture and people of this magnificent continent.   I believe deeply that it is impossible to leave Africa unchanged.  It changed me.

It felt as though everything in my life up to that moment had led to my visit to Cambodia in July 2018. I spent countless hours exploring the ancient temples around Angkor Wat, walked the same steps of those taken from millennia ago and was left inspired by the boundlessness of the human spirit.  I believe in the collective power of humanity to achieve great things and change the trajectory of our planet.

Making a Team

Determined, I returned to the United States and immediately began work on what is now, TheOne08.  Our journey is still unfolding, but we are resolute in our shared commitment to be the good.

Introducing TheOne08.

Amir Hoda