12. How to transform your wardrobe

12. How to transform your wardrobe

Are you tired of worrying about what to wear? Yes, we women tend to buy clothes and accessories that end up taking more space in our closets than us wearing them. However, there is a way to end these unsustainable spending habits and a new way to approach our wardrobe. Welcome to your new Capsule Wardrobe!

Capsule Wardrobe

A what? Capsule wardrobe? Well, if you are into conscious shopping, you are well aware of this well-thought way of mixing and matching clothes and accessories, without you ever having to worry again about what to wear! It all comes down to focus on a specific number of timeless basics that can be combined in any way you want.

There are several ways to build up your capsule wardrobe, but for this article, we love the Project 3-33-method from Courtney Carver. It comes down to 33 items (accessories included) for one season. Now, you do not have to rush and buy 33 new items.

3 steps to a minimalistic wardrobe

First step: the big closet cleanout

In this step, we are going to clean up our actual closet(s). Courtney suggests you take all of your clothes and organize them into three piles:

  • I Love This-pile
  • Maybe-pile
  • Toss-pile
Second step: make a list of 33 items

Make a list of 33 items of your "I Love This"-pile and mark all the items of clothing, shoes, and accessories included, that you are surely going to wear.

Final step: donate, swap, or resell all the other items.

It might seem very radical to get rid of all the other stuff, but to be able to get to a minimalist wardrobe, something has to go! If this is way out of your comfort zone, start to get rid of all the items of your "toss-pile." You could consider swapping some clothes with a friend (maybe she has an item that would be the perfect match for your new capsule wardrobe). Another way to make the most of your toss-pile is by putting it on sale on specialized platforms or apps. Make sure you only use trust-worthy apps.

Just like starting over

The purpose of the capsule collection is to invest or use timeless fashion attributes. Your budget will go a long way if sticking to the 333 principles: 3 months, 33 items. Imagine all the savings you can do buy not overbuying or being tempted to buy something that will most likely end up collecting dust in your closet.

As you frequently will be wearing these clothes and accessories, you might consider investing in a few high-quality products. The better the quality, the longer it will last. Remember that cheap products are never a good investment. Materials will be of poor quality, and most likely, the fabrics would be produced under questionable conditions.

Consider organic and sustainable materials.

When buying items made of cotton, you want to check the grammage of the t-shirt. The heavier the grammage, the better quality, and the longer your t-shirt will go. Knowing that tees are part of the basics you have, you might want to look into a good quality t-shirt.

For skirts, pants, pull-overs, or jackets, there are a few options that might fit your style and needs: linen, cotton, wool, jeans and, corduroy and leather (vegan leather is definitely an option).

Last but not least: accessories! Besides scarfs and shoes, handbags are absolutely a way to stand out and put your stamp to your capsule wardrobe. Did you know that our bags, even with a classic and timeless design, can perfectly be combined with a more casual, urban, and classy look? A good reason why your capsule wardrobe should include TheOne08 handbag!

As a matter of fact, our bags come with a special gift, just for you: our Leopard Empress Scarf! A most appreciated present by our clients.

This is how our fans use our scarf: 

  • as a hair accessory;

  • as a sophisticated touch with the handbag itself;

  • or as a gift wrap (yes, this also is an option!).

Leopard Empress TheOne08

For more tips and info on how to start your minimalistic wardrobe, check https://bemorewithless.com

Source: bemorewithless.com

A note from our founder

A note from our founder

Dear friends,

We haven't been speaking out much about the latest events in our country. Being from different origins and countries, from all walks of life, we are firm believers in what unites us rather than what divides us. True, we also have our difference in opinions and that is the beauty of democracy. We are free to think what we want and also stand up for what we truly believe in.

As the founder of TheOne08, and as an immigrant from a country that has been mired in conflict, inequality, and injustice, I strongly believe one can choose how to react at any given time to any given situation. The power of individual actions is a foundational belief at TheOne08. So are our thoughts, our voices, our choice to stand up for justice, and ultimately, where we spend our time and our money determines what our impact will be on our community, humanity, and the planet.

My kids identify themselves as American and value the freedom we have. While I realize that so many of us come here seeking a better life and find opportunities for ourselves and our families, we must see this time in America as a turning point, where we begin to collectively make choices for all families, all children, all communities and the planet as a whole.

So, on this 4th of July, we celebrate these freedoms and also look forward to creating a more compassionate and just existence for all beings, everywhere.

Full of joy,

Connected with loved ones,

A blissful day,

But most of all, in respect for one other.

Happy 4th of July!