A note from our founder

A note from our founder

Dear friends,

We haven't been speaking out much about the latest events in our country. Being from different origins and countries, from all walks of life, we are firm believers in what unites us rather than what divides us. True, we also have our difference in opinions and that is the beauty of democracy. We are free to think what we want and also stand up for what we truly believe in.

As the founder of TheOne08, and as an immigrant from a country that has been mired in conflict, inequality, and injustice, I strongly believe one can choose how to react at any given time to any given situation. The power of individual actions is a foundational belief at TheOne08. So are our thoughts, our voices, our choice to stand up for justice, and ultimately, where we spend our time and our money determines what our impact will be on our community, humanity, and the planet.

My kids identify themselves as American and value the freedom we have. While I realize that so many of us come here seeking a better life and find opportunities for ourselves and our families, we must see this time in America as a turning point, where we begin to collectively make choices for all families, all children, all communities and the planet as a whole.

So, on this 4th of July, we celebrate these freedoms and also look forward to creating a more compassionate and just existence for all beings, everywhere.

Full of joy,

Connected with loved ones,

A blissful day,

But most of all, in respect for one other.

Happy 4th of July!